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Marx.js – Web Developer’s Best Friend

I was building and testing a web application for work with incredibly long forms, of which were mostly select fields. For my testing, the data entered really didn’t matter so I was using Web Developer, a google chrome extension, to populate the form fields. The problem with this extension is it does not populate selects […]

The Very Best Ruby on Rails Workflow – Ever!

I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails now for over 4 years, and I truly feel that I can say I’m pretty damn good at it. Not because I’m a genius, or an idiot savant when it comes to code. No, far from it. Rather because I’ve worked in RoR so much for those 4+ […]

Motivation Elusive White Whale

Motivation: The Elusive White Whale

We’ve all been there, we find ourself wanting to work on one of our brilliant ideas in our spare time but often we open the laptop, setup the project and then the motivation just fizzles away. Why? Where does the excitement go? For me, first starting in Ruby on Rails, I spent all my time […]

Better World with Grunt.js

A Better World with Grunt.js

GruntJS has become a indispensable tool for any web project I work on. GruntJS is a task runner for your projects that can be used to compile preprocessors such as CoffeeScript and SASS, minify your assets and optimize images. This is what I use grunt for, but are nowhere near the limit of Grunt’s capabilities. […]