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Ruby on Rails seeding

Seeding Like a Boss

One of the most time consuming aspects of building and testing Rails applications is having valid and usable data in development. This is where the seeds.rb file comes into play. It’s a wonderful feature of Ruby on Rails that makes testing workflows and data saving, editing and manipulating easier. Seeding your Rails application gives you […]

Singing a Ruby on Rails Ditty with Sinatra

Singing a Ruby on Rails Ditty with Sinatra

Today I want to go over how to use Sinatra as a lite version of Ruby on Rails. We’ll be going over how to setup Bundler, ActiveRecord and the Assets Pipeline in Sinatra. “Why not just use Rails then?” you may be asking. I did as well, actually. I’ve tried to use Sinatra on a […]

My first marketable product

My First Marketable Product

At the beginning of this month I released Marx.js into the wild. It’s a small JavaScript plugin that populates a control panel for the user to easily fill out web forms with random data, which includes Marx brothers’ names, characters, movies and quotes. It was my first real open source project release and I was […]

The Very Best Ruby on Rails Workflow – Ever!

I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails now for over 4 years, and I truly feel that I can say I’m pretty damn good at it. Not because I’m a genius, or an idiot savant when it comes to code. No, far from it. Rather because I’ve worked in RoR so much for those 4+ […]