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Awesomely Easy Push/Slide Menus

I recently added a push menu to an application at my day job and I was amazed at how easy it was to implement. So I thought I would write a quick post on how to build such a menu. I’m also going to throw in a slide over top menu for no additional cost. […]

Ruby on Rails: Flash Messages and NotifIt

Recently I saw a tweet from @jquer_in for a jQuery plugin called NotifIt. It’s a simple plugin that lets you pass it a message and some other options and it’ll create a Flash Message to alert your users to information or warning. If you’ve worked with Rails you should be rather familiar with these. When […]

Creating jQuery Plugins: As seen on the World Wide Web

In our last post we created a simple plugin that changes the text of a span tag and then a bit more complex one that forces a case for all letters typed into an input field. This time around we’re going to create a plugin that utilizes JavaScript objects to further encapsulate our code so […]

Creating jQuery Plugin: reuse your code, save your sanity

jQuery has made all our lives easier, but if you’re not making your re-usable code into plugins then you’re not using it to its full potential. One reason so many new developers get spooked by JavaScript programming is that the treat it as a strictly procedural language. Yes, it was created that way, but a […]