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Creating jQuery Plugin: reuse your code, save your sanity

jQuery has made all our lives easier, but if you’re not making your re-usable code into plugins then you’re not using it to its full potential. One reason so many new developers get spooked by JavaScript programming is that the treat it as a strictly procedural language. Yes, it was created that way, but a […]

Enter the JavaScript

Playing Cards – HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this post I’ll show how I created Playing cards using HTML and CSS only, then we’ll dive further in with JavaScript and make them more interactive and all around cooler than they already are. If you wish to follow along with the project, you can get the code by running a few commands in […]

CoffeeScript: The Final Chapter

In the last two posts Getting Started and Never Looking Back and Continuing Down the Rabbit Hole, we looked at a lot of the basic syntax differences between CS and JS and how those differences are more readable and less typing. In this post, we’ll continue to look at these features and at the end […]

CoffeeScript: Continuing Down the Rabbit Hole

Functions Functions are written differently in CoffeeScript than plain JavaScript. Firstly, in CS you cannot do function hello_world() { … } but rather all functions are set to a variable. Next Instead of writing the keyword function we simply use the parentheses to contain our parameters followed by a skinny arrow. (hyphen and greater than […]