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Awesomely Easy Push/Slide Menus

I recently added a push menu to an application at my day job and I was amazed at how easy it was to implement. So I thought I would write a quick post on how to build such a menu. I’m also going to throw in a slide over top menu for no additional cost. […]

My first marketable product

My First Marketable Product

At the beginning of this month I released Marx.js into the wild. It’s a small JavaScript plugin that populates a control panel for the user to easily fill out web forms with random data, which includes Marx brothers’ names, characters, movies and quotes. It was my first real open source project release and I was […]

Marx.js – Web Developer’s Best Friend

I was building and testing a web application for work with incredibly long forms, of which were mostly select fields. For my testing, the data entered really didn’t matter so I was using Web Developer, a google chrome extension, to populate the form fields. The problem with this extension is it does not populate selects […]

Creating jQuery Plugins: As seen on the World Wide Web

In our last post we created a simple plugin that changes the text of a span tag and then a bit more complex one that forces a case for all letters typed into an input field. This time around we’re going to create a plugin that utilizes JavaScript objects to further encapsulate our code so […]