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Awesomely Easy Push/Slide Menus

I recently added a push menu to an application at my day job and I was amazed at how easy it was to implement. So I thought I would write a quick post on how to build such a menu. I’m also going to throw in a slide over top menu for no additional cost. […]

Enter the JavaScript

Playing Cards – HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this post I’ll show how I created Playing cards using HTML and CSS only, then we’ll dive further in with JavaScript and make them more interactive and all around cooler than they already are. If you wish to follow along with the project, you can get the code by running a few commands in […]

SASS – You should be using it!

What is SASS? SASS stands for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. In a simple and short explanation, SASS is somewhere between a short-hand and programming-like language for CSS. Quick Install First step is to install Ruby. If you are working on an OS X, then you already have ruby, but I recommend installing RVM. RVM is Ruby […]