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Better World with Grunt.js

A Better World with Grunt.js

GruntJS has become a indispensable tool for any web project I work on. GruntJS is a task runner for your projects that can be used to compile preprocessors such as CoffeeScript and SASS, minify your assets and optimize images. This is what I use grunt for, but are nowhere near the limit of Grunt’s capabilities. […]

Creating jQuery Plugins: As seen on the World Wide Web

In our last post we created a simple plugin that changes the text of a span tag and then a bit more complex one that forces a case for all letters typed into an input field. This time around we’re going to create a plugin that utilizes JavaScript objects to further encapsulate our code so […]

CoffeeScript: The Final Chapter

In the last two posts Getting Started and Never Looking Back and Continuing Down the Rabbit Hole, we looked at a lot of the basic syntax differences between CS and JS and how those differences are more readable and less typing. In this post, we’ll continue to look at these features and at the end […]

CoffeeScript: Continuing Down the Rabbit Hole

Functions Functions are written differently in CoffeeScript than plain JavaScript. Firstly, in CS you cannot do function hello_world() { … } but rather all functions are set to a variable. Next Instead of writing the keyword function we simply use the parentheses to contain our parameters followed by a skinny arrow. (hyphen and greater than […]